In this episode, Zane Lefko joins us from The John Galt Insurance Agency. Zane is a well known Insurance agent from the South Florida area.

He comes on this episode with a ton of knowledge to share on homeowners insurance and the misconceptions people have about their policies.

Zane breaks down and helps us expose the most common myths most South Florida residents have about their homeowner insurance policies. He also gives great advice and tips on how to get the most out of your home insurance policies.

One common myth we expose on the show are for those living east of I-95 who believe they are limited to only one insurance carrier ( Citizens Trust). Is it true? Listen in to find out.  You definitely do not want to miss this one.

Here Are The Show Notes For This Podcast Episode:

1:25 – How Zane got started in Homeowners Insurance

2:20 – Are Personal Possessions / Property Covered in your Homeowners Insurance?

3:55 – Is Mold covered under your home insurance when discovered after purchasing your home?

5:34 – Is Flood damage covered under your home insurance policy?

7:54 – * Home Owner Tip * Call Your Claims Agent with questions about your policy or claims. They work for you.

8:45 – Is Citizens Trust the only home insurance provider that will cover homes east of I-95?

10:33 – Are vehicles covered under your home insurance if there is a home fire and your is in the garage ?

11:25 – How is the amount of your coverage for home damages and home dwelling determined in your policy?

12:20 – Why your replacement amount to rebuild your home may not match the market value amount of your home?

14:13 – Are items like your water heater or HVAC covered under your homeowners insurance?

15:29 – Will your insurance premiums go up after a claim?

16:15 – The reason for getting dropped by your home insurance company when you never filled a claim?

17:45 – What Zane Lefko likes to do for fun in South Florida?


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Direct: (954) 657-9298

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