Oltin_Roshi_US-Mortgage-of-FloridaOltin is a full-time Sr. Loan Officer with US Mortgage of Florida. He is well versed in the world of banking and finance. It was real a pleasure to have him on this episode and discuss obtaining a home loan from a consumer perspective. The home loan process can be a little confusing because there are a lot of moving parts. I was glad to see Oltin able to break down various elements of the home loan process from A to Z.

As a real estate agent I find most consumers looking to purchase a home do not fully understand how home loans work. It can be intimidating having to understand interest rates, loan terms, and other financial details. If not properly explained, it can lead to confusion or some misunderstandings about the loan process. Oltin was a complete pro on this interview and was able give us a better understanding of the home loan process and what to expect.

Hopefully you too will enjoy this episode! Don’t forget you can leave your comments below to chime in. Also if you want to hear certain topics in our discussion, you can always reference the show notes below.

Show Notes

1:12 Oltin’s Background in the mortgage business.

5:30 How do you know what type of loan you will qualify for?

8:32 The documents you will need to get the loan process started?

10:05 The difference between a pre-approval letter and a pre-qualification letter.

14:35 How much funds should you put as a down payment towards the purchase of your home?

21:00 Explanation and discussion on home interest rates.

27:25 The difference between getting a fixed rate mortgage and an adjustable rate.

31:40 Understanding the timing of locking in interest rates and the best time to do it.

35:10 Preparing for closing. What you need to know and what you should expect.

37:30 What happens in the loan process when the bank sends out a request to do an appraisal?

42:35 What other costs could a borrower expect at the closing table?

47:20 Oltin’s favorite thing to do in South Florida

48:30 How you can reach Oltin for home loan questions.

Oltin’s contact information:

US Mortgage of Florida

Cell: 954-803-0164
Fax:  888-396-1656


Oltin’s Social Media Profile:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oltinroshi

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