A Step By Step Understanding Of The Real Estate Transaction Process

June 5, 2016

“So How Does This All work Sam?”, is the response I usually get from new Buyers, Sellers, and Investors about the real estate transaction process. As a good real estate agent, I make sure to take the time to thoroughly explain this process so there is no confusion on what is taking place. People like transparency right? So I make sure not to disappoint and give them what they want!

I found this great infographic below that covers the basic steps of a real estate transaction from purchase to closing.

There are some behind the scenes things that you will not see on this infographic like Counter offers, request for repairs, disclosures, inspection reports, getting home owners insurance, appraisals, settlement statements, etc. Even though this is just a basic overview of what happens in the real estate transaction process. It helps to get a simple understanding of what is going on.

Now if you are not following my Podcast ” Sam the Realtor “, you missed a great discussion with Oltin Roshi on understanding home Mortgage loans. Listening to that podcast episode you will be able to have more clarity and understanding of the entire real estate transaction process picture. So make sure to check it out and I promise it will all make sense.

After reviewing the infographic let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you!

How A Real Estate Transaction Works


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